Online Bingo and Seasonal Effects

The online bingo market in the UK is one of the world’s largest and most active. Millions of Britons log on at their favorite bingo sites every week and spend millions of pounds while playing. The UK bingo market is particularly attractive to affiliate marketers because of the industry’s high player acquisition and retention rates. Seasonal fluctuations in the online bingo market can make it challenging for affiliates.

In a recent article UK bingo expert Phil Fraser was asked why bingo is so popular in the UK. Fraser answered “Britain has a long-standing culture of bingo, so the move from physical to online has not been an issue. Everyone in the UK, including kids, knows how to play bingo, so there are no ‘how do I play?’ barriers, as there may be with some casino games and poker.” Fraser also described the growth of the UK bingo market. In an interview Fraser stated “The UK online bingo market continues to grow, despite it’s already highly competitive nature, with new sites launching all the time. The WhichBingo UK Directory lists every site in the UK and today lists 358 different sites. Over a dozen have launched this year alone, and interestingly for 2012 we are now also seeing new game software appearing.”

Seasonal factors can have a great effect on the online bingo market in the UK. The weather can have both positive and negative effects. During the winter of 2010-11 a series of arctic storms hit Great Britain and many players remained indoors and to entertain themselves played online bingo. In face a few online bingo operators credited the storms for record first quarter profits. On the other hand player numbers traditionally fall during the summer and many players are engaged in outdoor activities or are on holiday. Fraser contends that the seasons have a minimal effect on bingo revenues and said “There are no real seasonal factors per se in online bingo. However, good weather means people are outside more, and therefore on their PCs less, meaning less play in online bingo. The Late Spring hot spell we saw in the UK saw player numbers drop, whilst the recent ‘monsoon season’ has seen player numbers return. It is player lifestyle that has the biggest impact on player numbers with weekends tending to see a dip in players, as do ‘school run’ times.”

Fraser also pointed out that online bingo is dependent on a particular demographic and described the ‘housewife and mother’ effect. Despite its dependence on a particular demographic the bingo industry in the UK continues to grow and prosper.

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