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Ask just about any land based bingo player what they enjoy the most about bingo games and most likely they will say the camaraderie and sense of belonging to a community are what keeps them coming back week after week. Many players, especially pensioners, eagerly anticipate their weekly games and the chance to see old friends and spend some time together. For many, the weekly games are their only entertainment offering a chance to get out of the house. Many land based players who have not tried online bingo think that that sense of community and camaraderie are not present in online bingo games but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, in the world of online bingo the opposite is true and at most bingo sites players are encouraged to interact in chat rooms. A survey showed that a significant number of online bingo players will choose a bingo site based on chat rooms and chat facilitators. Most online bingo providers realize that a good caller and chat monitor are worth their weight in gold. Most bingo players are highly social outgoing people and a good chat facilitator knows how to keep a friendly conversation going and also knows how to entertain players. In fact several ‘best chat monitor’ awards are given out every year to outstanding chat room monitors.

In addition to chat rooms, some bingo sites have added extra social networking features such as the ability to add friends, allow players to team up during games and send other players gifts. One popular bingo site plans to add webcams allowing players to chat over webcams in real time. Online bingo is ideal for the use of webcams and the move is sure to enhance a player’s online bingo experience. If the addition of webcams proves successful most online bingo sites are expected to follow suit. In the very near future people who play internet bingo will be able to chat face to face in bingo chat rooms.

The addition of social media to online bingo will enable the industry to take advantage of the growing use of social media and networking sites by older players. Studies show that the growing use of social media by women between 45 and 55 can help bingo sites benefit from the increase in use by this demographic. Social media technology is rapidly advancing and the bingo industry has a well documented history of quickly adopting technological advances giving players a constantly improving bingo experience.

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