Online Bingo Bonuses and Rewards

There is a huge market for online bingo. It is estimated that nearly eighty percent of those playing at online bingo sites are within fifty years of age and the majority of the participants are women. These players are Internet savvy and tend to play in a variety of websites. Only the best sites manage to keep attracting the customers, as there are always bigger and better sites being built everyday. Therefore bingo websites are facing cutthroat competition to not only attract new customers but also retain them.

One of the ways that many gambling websites attract new customers is by offering bonuses. The bonuses are also called as “Bonus Buck” they are free money awarded to the player to play. The bonuses are either earned on the deposits, or by playing specific number of games, participating in the chat rooms and other site-specific programs. They are like loyalty points.

Bonuses generally fall under two categories namely: new player sign up bonus, or redeposit bonus. The new player sign up bonus is generally offered to attract new players. Though the terms may vary greatly, generally websites promise to match the initial deposit up to a specified percentage. Therefore if the websites offers to match the deposit by 50%, a new player depositing $100 would essentially have $150 in his/her account.

The redeposit bonus is offered when the players makes subsequent deposits into his/ her account after the initial deposit. The percentage of match up varies and may be different for different ranges of redeposit amounts. Bonuses can be misunderstood as money than can be withdrawn easily, but usually they come with terms attached. Many websites require the player to spend the entire bonus amount on the site and may have other restrictions against withdrawing the bonus money.

In online bingo reviews, the players often rank the websites not only on the services provided, but also the ease with which they can withdraw their money and their winnings. Apart from cash rewards many bingo websites also offer, vacations, spa packages, appliances, shopping sprees, free games and many other incentives to keep their players happy.

Online Bingo Reviews

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