Online Bingo Boom Drives Land Based Bingo Growth

Many factors have been cited as responsible for the decline of live bingo in the United Kingdom. High taxation, the national smoking ban, increased local licensing fees and the poor economic climate have all been cited by many sources as reasons for the decline. Many also blamed the rise of online bingo for the decline of live bingo halls. Some analysts believed that online bingo was less expensive and more accessible to players and also said that online bingo was the chief factor contributing to the demise of live bingo. Last year about two bingo halls closed each month in the UK but today many land based operators are reporting increased game attendance and many believe that the worst may be over for live bingo halls.

Many believe that the immense popularity of online bingo has sent a whole new generation of bingo players to live bingo halls. Many younger players first learned the game at free bingo sites and decided to try the live version of the game. Some have compared the live bingo industry with the online poker boom which has sent thousands of new players flocking to card rooms across the UK. Online poker has made the game more popular than ever before and the Word Series of Poker now attracts record numbers of players despite the high buyins.

The recent surge in the number of players at live bingo halls has prompted several bingo operators to invest millions to bring bingo halls up to date and make them more attractive to younger players. Just five years ago most players at land based bingo halls were over 50 years old but today the average age of the typical live bingo player is about 30. Some in the industry say that even before the online bingo boom many land based halls had become stale and antiquated. While there can be no doubt that the smoking ban hit bingo halls hard bad management was also responsible for the decline in players. The fact that many players at bingo sites are now attending live games is good news for land based bingo providers such as Gala and Rank.

The online bingo boom is expected to continue well into the future which should be very good news for live bingo operators. As bingo sites consolidate land based operators should be in a very good position as the industry recovers from past problems.

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