Online Bingo Chat Moderators Wanted

Online bingo has been good for the economy and provides thousands of workers with living wage jobs. Online bingo has also been resistant to the current recession. It has been one of the few growth industries during the recession. Bingo revenues have exceeded all expectations. A few years ago some industry experts said that revenues from online bingo would hit the $1 billion dollar mark in 2010. As it turned out revenues for online bingo in 2010 hit $2 billion. The industry continues to grow to this day and is still adding new jobs.

Bingo is a Social Activity

For a majority of players at online bingo sites chat rooms and the ability to socialize are more important than winning bingo jackpots. Bingo operators know that a good chat host is worth their weight in gold. Many people think of online bingo as a solitary pursuit but nothing could be further from the truth. Chat rooms enable players to chat away while playing bingo games. In land based bingo halls it is considered rude to talk or make any noise during a game. Since live bingo players must mark their cards manually it is important that silence be maintained during games. Online bingo players can let the computer mark their cards for them and can easily engage in conversation while playing.

Chat Moderators Wanted

It is easy to see why chat hosts are so important to players and operators. Good chat hosts are difficult to find and bingo operators are always searching for good chat hosts. In Washington DC gaming giant Intralot is searching for bingo chat moderators. Duties include “moderating conversations, welcoming players and, [engaging] players in chat games.” Bingo chat moderators are also expected to look for high rollers known as ‘whales’ in the gambling industry. The want ad further states that potential chat moderators will have to “actively contact and work with high value bingo players.”

Washington, D.C.: Ahead of the Curve

Intralot runs the DC lottery and is also involved in helping DC to set up its new online gambling operations. Washington DC plans to offer residents legal online gaming by next year. Intralot is hiring for a variety of gaming positions including table game managers. According to the job listing table game managers are expected to develop “procedures for utilizing the company’s existing resources for reducing the churn rate of high-value table games players.” Intralot has plenty of job listings and it looks like online gaming is here to stay in DC.

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