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Over at the popular webzine sliversurfer a recent article pointed out the advantages of online bingo. The article emphasized that playing at bingo sites is easy, cheap and fun.  It is no secret that technology has a profound effect on society and the daily lives of millions. The internet has changed the way people shop, read news, access entertainment and play games and gamble. For some traditionalists online bingo seems like an attack on one of the great gambling games. Die hard bingo fans still crowd into bingo halls daubers at the ready waiting for the numbers to be called. For some traditionalists the advent of online bingo seems like “attack on the last bastion of gaming.”

The problem for traditionalists is that players are switching to online bingo in droves and with very good reason. The selection of games is huge and the jackpots are large. The days of two and three figure bingo jackpots are gone forever. Some traditionalists think that because the jackpots are huge at bingo sites it must cost a pretty penny to play online bingo games. Nothing could be further from the truth and at most bingo sites cards may be purchased for as little as a penny. While the stakes may be low the potential rewards are huge.

The generous bonuses available at most bingo sites has caused many a land based player to throw those old fashioned bingo daubers in the nearest trash bin. Bingo sites have made registration as easy as possible and are offering players generous player incentives and perks. Withdrawing winnings is quick and easy and in many cases bingo winnings can be directly deposited into personal bank accounts. During the past few months several bingo halls in the UK have participated in a program to teach pensioners and other players computer skills. Many older people are uncomfortable around computers and the program is designed to make players comfortable with computers.

Players who prefer the camaraderie of live bingo halls will be pleased to learn that they can still talk to other players online using bingo chat rooms. Games at bingo sites take place in a virtual bingo ‘room’ with a separate chat room. There is a moderator to make sure things remain civil and the chat never stops at bingo sites. For those that want to take a break from bingo there are plenty of side games to choose from. Games include online slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, keno and many others. It should come as no surprise why so many players prefer online bingo.

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