Online Bingo: Crunching the Numbers

Online bingo statistics are hard to find and most of the statistics we have are the result of surveys taken by various British bingo sites and a few industry studies. It should come as no surprise that most of the figures come from the UK which, at present, is the world’s largest online bingo market. Most of the studies were done for marketing purposes and are not true demographic studies. Although bingo statistics vary from country to country it is clear that an overwhelming number of players are female. Figures show that about 70% to 85% of all bingo players (land based and online) are women. The figures for male bingo players range from 20% to 30%. 20% if probably the most accurate figure. Statistics also show that women are more likely to stay online playing 50% longer than most male players.

100 Million Online Bingo Players?

One study stated that globally there are about 100 million online bingo players. This figure is open to question and has not been confirmed by any reliable independent studies. In 2008 one study showed that there were about 50,000 regular online bingo players in the UK. Conflicting figures make it all but impossible to determine just how many online bingo players there actually are globally. Bingo reviews show that online bingo is the preferred leisure activity among women between 20 and 25. This figure destroys the old stereotype of little old ladies sitting in smoky bingo halls. Online bingo has attracted a whole new generation of players. Younger players are partially responsible for the surge in the number of land based players in the UK. The live bingo industry was hit hard by the national smoking ban and double taxation and is just beginning to recover.

Age Demographics

Nine out of ten bingo players are under 50 years old. Most of the over 65 crowd prefers live bingo at land based bingo halls. One very interesting statistic showed that 85% of all online bingo players multitask during games. This is possible because of the auto daub feature available at most online bingo sites. 69.2% of all online bingo players prefer traditional 75 ball games while 30.8% prefer 90 ball bingo. 20% of all online bingo players have been playing for less than 2 years, 20% less than five years and 40% have been playing for five years or more. All of these statistics are important to the online bingo industry and are used by bingo operators to improve the online bingo experience and generate more profits.

Online Bingo Reviews

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