Online Bingo Demographics in the United States

Thanks to the internet games like bingo have received a high tech makeover. Bingo, which was once played using numbered balls, cards and daubers has gone online with great success. Most studies done by gaming research firms’ show that bingo is one of the fastest growing sectors of the online gambling industry. When the great recession of 2008 hit many popular games like poker experienced a decline in player numbers. During the same period the number of online bingo players increased and many industry observers say that bingo is recession resistant. Analysts say that by 2013 online bingo will generate billions in the United States.

Bingo demographics in the United States are similar to those in the UK where bingo is the most popular online game. About 90% of all online bingo players are 50years old or younger. Young females account for 85% of all online bingo players. In addition many men who would be embarrassed to be seen in a bingo hall play online bingo in the privacy of their own homes. For women in the US bingo is the most popular game for the 20 to 25 year old age set. Researchers speculate that many young female players are stay at home moms and say that most online bingo players do not consider online bingo to be authentic gambling.

Since both land based and online bingo are highly social chat rooms at online bingo sites are popular with the typical online bingo player. In live bingo halls talking during games is a serious breach of etiquette but online bingo players can talk all they want during games. Bingo sites go to great lengths to promote a sense of community not found in other online games. Online bingo operators have found that interaction among players increases player retention.  Another factor contributing to online bingo’s popularity is affordability. Most online bingo sites offer cards in a wide range of prices. Cards can cost as little as a penny or as much as $5 for progressive jackpot games.

At the present time playing online bingo is a legal grey area in the United States. Federal law prohibits credit card companies and banks from processing transactions related to online gaming. Many players in the US have found pre-paid credit cards to be a good option. There are many reputable bingo sites that still accept players from the United States. As always potential players should always check the reputation of any bingo. This is easily done on the internet and there are several excellent review sites that can point players in the right direction.

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