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Ostensibly it is a game of chance that players play for the chance to win money – and sometimes these prizes can be huge. Yet playing an online bingo game, as stated in many bingo news articles, can have health benefits too, such as improved reaction-time and memory capacity. It is small wonder, then, that when bingo made its way from Italy to Germany in the mid-18th century, they recognized bingo’s potential to aid learning. Immediately it was used for educational purposes, particularly for younger children in all manner of subjects. The multi-benefits of bingo are clear, and have survived in the educational system until this very day in various guises.


Playing games is an excellent way to help young people learn different languages, and with bingo the obvious thing is numbers. In a French lesson, for example, numbers are called in French by the teacher and pupils have to recognize the numbers in order to mark them off their cards. The more French they understand the more numbers they daub and the more prizes (usually in the form of gold stars or merit marks) they will earn.


Rather than numbers, each bingo card is marked with dates relevant to whichever module or era is the focus of study. When a date is called, all players that have that date raise their hands, and each must name a different fact about the events on or attached to that date. This places added pressure on the pupils as answering one incorrectly or not being able to remember a fact will effectively mean that they are out of the game.


There are two popular versions of bingo in maths class. The first uses what appear to be regular numbers, but which are effectively “special” numbers such as integers or routes. When these are called pupils must name the relevance of the number in its correct capacity.

The second chief version of bingo employed in maths is to have theorems on the cards rather than numbers. However, the principal is the same as pupils must instead provide a relevant fact regarding the theory.

English Literature

For each book studied – particularly at higher levels – pupils are required to recall quotes in exam conditions. Ergo, replacing bingo numbers with explored themes or names of characters will require all students to provide a quote relevant to that theme or character.

Bingo is such an adaptable game that it can really be utilized to aid learning in any subject, including those like literature which may seems at odds with a game of numbers. The only thing upon which it relies is creativity – not only that of the students but also the teachers.

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