Online Bingo Expected to Grow in Sweden

Sweden, long known for its safe autos, fighter planes, and beautiful blondes, is experiencing an online bingo boom. Many UK based online bingo sites are entering the Swedish market which promises to be very lucrative. The online bingo market in the UK is heavily saturated and many online bingo providers are looking elsewhere for opportunities. Industry insiders point to Spain and Sweden as hot new online bingo markets.

Bingo is exceptionally popular in Sweden and rivals online poker in popularity. In the 1990’s the revenues from Swedish bingo clubs was an astonishing 2.2 billion SEK (appx. $3 million USD) and during that time period Swedes won 1.4 billion SEK (appx. $130,000,000 USD) per year. The Bingo Lotto weekly television program is very popular and over 4,000 cars have been won by lucky viewers.

Sweden has one of the world’s highest rates of computer literacy and approximately 72% of all Swedes are regular computer users. Nationwide broadband access also makes Sweden attractive to online bingo game providers. A survey of Swedish online bingo players revealed that; 8 out of 10 online bingo players are female, 4 of 10 of these are between 41–50 years old, 3 out of 10 are between 31-40 years old, 50% of these online bingo players play several times a week, 4 out of 10 players play for 100 SEK ($12.82 USD) or more.

At present the US market is off limits to online bingo providers although the Obama administration is seen as sympathetic to online gambling interests. Should the US market re open it will present an unprecedented opportunity for online bingo providers. At present online bingo providers are looking at European expansion and Sweden is seen as one of the more desirable markets.

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