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In the UK and Europe online bingo players have never had it so good. European and British players have about 400 bingo sites to choose from and most are located in licensing jurisdictions on the UK’s ‘white list.’ Just about every town and hamlet in the UK has its own bingo hall and bingo is an ingrained part of British culture. In addition to bingo halls and internet bingo sites Britons can also play TV bingo. Bingo players in the UK and Europe are protected by strict UK and European Union rules regarding online gaming.

It is a much different story for American players. Most of the bingo sites operating in the UK and Europe do not accept American players.Shortly after the passage of anti online gambling legislation in the UK most British bingo sites banned Americans because of fear of prosecution by American authorities. In some American states even live bingo games are banned and charitable organizations must jump through many legal hoops to hold bingo games. In Alabama an ongoing ‘bingo war’ has been taking place for almost two years. Anti gambling extremists in state government have done everything possible to ban bingo in the state.

For online bingo players in the US the situation looks grim. The recent seizure of four major poker sites has spooked many bingo sites that accept American players. Even more sites have rejected American players and the online gaming industry is waiting for the results of the inevitable court battle that will take place because of the seizures. There are still many bingo sites that accept American players. Many bingo sites accepting American players are licensed in ‘white list’ countries and offer American players the same consumer protections provided to UK and European players.

US anti online gambling laws have left many American players at the mercy of bingo sites and payment providers that may not be honest. Unfortunately there are always those willing to take advantage of an unfortunate situation. On a positive note most bingo players are gregarious and when an unscrupulous operator appears online word of mouth is usually effective in warning other players and most dishonest operators do not last very long.

In spite of the recent poker site seizures hopes are high that the United States will legalize online gaming sometime this year. Several states are already planning to offer residents legal online gambling. There is legislation pending in congress that would tax, license and regulate online gaming sites doing business in the United States and passage is a very real possibility.

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