Online Bingo For Men ?

If you’re a female chances are that your male friends or partner thinks that playing online bingo is only for girls. Most people still believe in the stereotype of the typical bingo player as an elderly pensioner sitting in a smoky bingo hall. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to online bingo. The online version of the game has attracted a new generation of young, tech savvy players. For some time most online bingo operators have focused their marketing efforts on women. At the present time it is rare to see an online bingo ad targeting men.

Recent statistics show that an increasing number of men are playing online bingo. Some men play online because they would feel uncomfortable in the female dominated atmosphere at most land based bingo halls. Some men keep their bingo playing a secret to avoid ridicule from their buddies. Back when bingo first hit the internet in the mid 90’s the only place to play was at the local bingo hall. When the first bingo site went online in 1996 people of any age with an internet connection could get instant access to games. As a result the average age of the typical bingo players was lowered to 47.

During the last decade there has been an explosion of bingo sites online and today there are over 400 and new sites are launched weekly. In 2011 UK figures showed that there were 3.4 million regular online bingo players who spent an astounding £600 million annually. While land based bingo halls still attract a 90% female audience about 80% of all online bingo players are women. This means that one fifth of all online bingo players are men. The statistics also show that the average age of male players is 36.

Some online bingo operators have made adjustments so games appeal to a wider audience including males. Several sites have switched from girly colors to color neutral schemes. Some sites have offered prizes that appeal to men. At one popular UK site prizes included a BBQ and accessories, airbrush tanning system, and a male grooming kit. Many men have found online bingo a great place to meet women. Since there are about 4 female players to every male player it is incredibly easy for male players to meet women and arrange real life meetings. A couple of men have actually proposed marriage in online bingo chat rooms. The number of male online bingo players is increasing and players should expect more ads targeting men.

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