Online Bingo Friendships Lead to Live Meetings

It is a well establishes fact that most online bingo players consider the social aspect of bingo the most important part of the online bingo experience. Chat rooms at bingo sites enable players to chat, joke with other players and make new friends. Since the internet is global in scope and there are bingo players around the world players are likely to meet people from several countries and cultures. The ability to make new friends is one of the best aspects of the internet version of the game. Many players have formed strong online friendships and while many of these friendships started in the virtual world in many cases people who met online have arranged real world meetings.

Many bingo sites have recognized the importance of online friendships and hold events designed to allow virtual friends to meet in the real world. One major bingo site in the UK has held annual bingo cruises for several years and player feedback has been consistently positive. Foxy Bingo has sponsored several bingo cruises to Bilboa and Bruges and the 2008 bingo cruise sailed to Rotterdam. Tickets for the cruises can be purchased but are also given away as prizes in special promotional games with bingo bonuses. Bingo games take place on board and virtual friends can get together for a good time.

Other UK bingo sites sponsor special events for players. One popular bingo site features a “Players Meet” section which details upcoming events and also contains photos of previous events. The events are popular with players and give online bingo friends a chance to meet in a live setting. Some sites will sponsor player get togethers on a regular basis and events take place across the UK so that all players have a chance to attend.

Bingo forums are also a great place for players to meet and arrange real life meetings. Most websites have their own forums and many also have Facebook pages which are popular with players. Forum members exchange stories and experiences and close friendships are formed. In many cases online friendships turn into lasting real world friendships. In some forums players have arranged group trips to theme parks and even parties at private houses. Those who play online bingo are a gregarious lot and it is inevitable that close friendships are formed. It is easy to understand why the opportunity to socialize is so important to players at online bingo sites.

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