Online Bingo, Gambling Gain Credibility

The appearance of the first online casinos in the mid 90’s heralded a new era in the gambling industry. Shortly after the first poker sites went online a few online bingo sites appeared. At first online bingo sites were not very popular and graphic and animation capabilities were limited by the technology available at the time. The online gambling industry was born and since then has become one of the most popular pastimes on the internet. Amazingly enough some of the first online casinos are still operating and making money.

In 1996 the first online bingo game known as ‘bingo zone’ was launched. To play the free bingo games players had to provide certain demographic information and in turn members would agree to receive targeted advertisements. In the early years of online bingo most bingo sites required [players to download game software. Although many players found the downloads to be inconvenient and time consuming the software provided players with higher quality bingo games. In later years most online bingo operators switched to JavaScript or Adobe Flash to provide instant game access with no downloads.

As with most new markets some less than scrupulous operators appeared on the scene. Over the years several conmen plied their trade on the internet making many people suspicious of the whole industry. The press has widely publicized isolated frauds and some cases of gambling ‘addiction’ further damaging the reputation of the industry. Fortunately for the online bingo industry one country decided to tax and regulate online bingo and gaming instead of taking a prohibitionist approach. The UK gambling act of 2005 established a gambling commission that is responsible for licensing and regulating online bingo sites and casinos.

In recent years the online bingo and gaming industry has developed a reputation for honesty and fair dealing. At online bingo sites there have been no security breaches. Because of this player numbers have grown and in the UK about three million people play online bingo and millions more gamble at licensed online casinos. Many countries that are members of the European Union have established their own licensing regimes. Most licensing jurisdictions require game software to be tested regularly and have strict regulations in place to govern financial transactions. Today the online bingo and gambling industry has grown and many companies are now traded on global stock exchanges giving players an extra measure of protection.

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