Online Bingo Jackpots ‘Bigger Than Ever’

In 2010 there was a 40% increase in internet gambling and many believe that the increase was driven partially by women playing at online bingo sites. A recent report by a reputable gaming research firm in the UK said that online bingo is the fastest growing sector of the internet gaming industry. There are many reasons for the rapid growth of online bingo sites.

First, there is more prize money to be won than ever before. Last year online bingo produced its own online bingo millionaire. Jackpots in excess of one hundred pounds or dollars are common and progressive jackpots at bingo sites can get huge. Go to any online bingo site and check out the amount of money that can be won. Jackpots at bingo sites are several times larger than those offered just a few years ago. Bingo operators have realized that to stay competitive in the industry they must provide players with larger jackpots and prizes. It is not uncommon to see luxury automobiles as prizes along with Rolex watches and other luxury items.

In the UK another reason for the rapid growth of online bingo is the extensive marketing campaigns by bingo providers. Clever, well produced and mostly humorous television ads have increased brand awareness and are popular with viewers. Some of these television ads have produced well known characters such as Foxy bingo’s fox and Jackpot Joy’s Queen of bingo. American players who want to view these ads can find quite a few of them on the popular video sharing website YouTube.

Most bingo sites have invested heavily in new technology to facilitate social interaction. Live games and lively chat rooms have contributed to the growth of the internet bingo sector. Studies have clearly shown that social interaction is just as important to players as jackpots and prizes. Bingo providers have done everything they possibly can with today’s technology to make social interaction as easy, pleasant and realistic as possible.

When a player visits a bingo site like BingoHouse for the first time the first thing they notice is the bonuses and various promotions. These are usually featured prominently on the home page. Online bingo sites are providing players with an astounding variety of bingo bonuses, free bingo offers and player incentives. Bonuses at bingo sites are some of the largest available in the online gaming industry and have contributed to the growth of the bingo sector.

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