Online Bingo Jackpots Explained

Online bingo beginners sometimes are confused by all of the gambling terms used by online players and bingo sites. For those that have played at land based bingo halls the transition is usually smooth. There are several types of online bingo jackpots that new players may not be familiar with. Jackpot types include progressive jackpots, snowball jackpots, coverall jackpot games or guaranteed jackpot games. The types of jackpots can vary from site to site but usually there is a combination of jackpot types available to players at most bingo sites. Here are the different jackpot categories and an explanation for each.

Progressive jackpots are usually the best deal at most bingo sites. Progressive jackpots allow players to win life changing sums of money for a relatively small wager. A progressive jackpot starts out as a fixed amount that increases according to the sale of bingo tickets. Most bingo sites require those playing progressive jackpot games to call bingo within a specified number of calls. Once a progressive jackpot is won the jackpot is reset and will increase again. Progressive games can generate some very impressive jackpots which is why progressive games are so popular with players. Progressive jackpots are available for both 75 and 90 ball bingo games. Usually progressive 75 ball games are special games that are played a certain times. Players should check their favorite bingo sites for the dates and times of progressive jackpot games.

As the name implies a coverall jackpot requires the player to cover each square on a bingo card. Coverall games are limited to 75 ball bingo games. The games start with a fixed jackpot and once a certain number of calls have been reached the jackpot will actually reduce until it reaches the minimum payout jackpot.  If a player is fortunate enough to cover all the squares before the minimum jackpot the player will get a jackpot according to the number of calls.

As the name suggests guaranteed jackpots are online bingo games played for guaranteed cash amount. If more than one player wins the jackpot is split among the winners. In the past most guaranteed jackpot games were 75 ball games but it becoming more common to see 90 ball guaranteed jackpot games.

Snowball jackpots roll like a snowball until the jackpot is won. Unlike progressive jackpot games the number of calls required to win the jackpot increases along with the prize pot. Most bingo sites will explain the various types of jackpots to new players. Chat moderators can be invaluable sources of information for new players.

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