Online Bingo Looks Towards the Future

For many online bingo players the game is much more than simple entertainment. For these players online bingo is a large community devoted to having fun and a lot of social interaction. Gaming experts have been astounded by the growth of online bingo and the huge influx of new players. Some bingo sites reported an 80% increase in the number of players during 2008-09. Even the worst recession since the great depression of the 1930’ failed to stop the meteoric rise of the online bingo industry. Old bingo stereotypes have been shattered forever and the game is played by a much younger audience especially in the UK where the average age of the typical online bingo player is 18 to 40. While other sectors of the gaming industry have been relatively complacent the competitiveness of the online bingo industry has forced bingo operators to launch new games and provide players with larger jackpots and original promotions.

At the present time online bingo is a $1 billion dollar a year industry and that figure is expected to grow. While the land based bingo industry is in real trouble thanks to government policies the online sector is robust and expanding. The online bingo industry has learned how to use social media to its advantage. There are thousands of bingo blogs, portals, forums and social media websites where people who play internet bingo can post their experiences both positive and negative and word of mouth can be more effective than the most sophisticated marketing campaign. Online bingo providers will go to great lengths to prevent negative publicity and are quick to resolve customer complaints and other issues. Most online bingo sites realize that negative comments on blogs and bingo reviews could easily send players to a competitor’s site.

Despite the massive growth of the online bingo industry recent figures indicate a leveling off in the number of players in established online bingo markets. Some industry experts believe that the addition of new bingo sites competing for these players will create cut throat market conditions in 2010. Bingo providers are scrambling to identify new bingo markets and come up with new innovations to survive in a cut throat market. Some experts predict that online bingo could generate revenues of up to $2.3 billion dollars by 2012. If the American bingo market opens up the figure could be much higher. Many bingo operators see 2010 as a ‘make or break’ year. What does all this mean to players? More games, bigger jackpots and prizes, more original promotions, entertaining marketing campaigns and innovations galore!

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