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There are hundreds of bingo sites online and unfortunately most sites will not allow you the player to view the games until you have registered and some require a deposit. To take advantage of free bingo offers most sites still require registration and a deposit. For a player new to online bingo choosing a site is not easy. There are several bingo portals offering bingo reviews and information about current promotions but many of these sites are not independent and are operated by the bingo sites themselves for promotional purposes. It will take some digging to find a truly independent bingo portal. Forums are a good place to do your research and word of mouth is probably the best way to find a suitable bingo site. If you play land based bingo chances are that you know people who play bingo online and can give your firsthand accounts of their experiences.

New players are offered a wide variety of inducements including bonuses, free play and other promotions. One of the perks most often overlooked by new players are the loyalty programs most bingo sites offer established players. Usually loyalty promotions are limited to established players who have spent a certain amount of money. Some sites will advertise their loyalty programs and will have a specific section detailing the requirements for earning loyalty points. Other sites will keep their loyalty points programs hidden from view until a certain amount of play has taken place.

Loyalty programs vary from site to site. Some sites offer players very generous options. Players are offered free games, cards and some even offer cashback on weekly losses. In other words you will receive back a percentage of your losses. Some sites will offer loyalty points based on a percentage of wagers. For example a bingo site may offer one point for every five dollars wagered. Loyalty points are a way for online bingo sites to give back to loyal players and are popular throughout the industry. You are unlikely to find a bingo site without some sort of bingo bonus or program to reward loyal players. In addition to loyalty points most sites have ‘refer a friend’ programs where you will be rewarded with a certain amount of play for every friend you refer to the site who signs up and makes a deposit. Many players overlook loyalty point programs when choosing a site and that is a big mistake!

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