Online Bingo Networks-Advantages and Disadvantages

Most internet bingo players are unaware that a majority of bingo sites in the UK are part of a network. Networks are an essential part of the internet online bingo industry. Networks enable several sites to pool their resources and player database and provide bigger jackpots and a wider range of games. Online bingo networks are very similar to land based bingo chains like Mecca and Gala. It is surprising that many bingo players do not realize that they are taking part in a bingo network. There are two types of bingo sites; standalone and networked and each has their own advantages.

Very simply explained, a bingo network is a group of sites sharing players and prize money provided by operations at a central location. For example imagine that site A has 10 players, site B has 5 players and site C has 20 players. If each individual site was a standalone operation the prize money is determined by the number of players in the game. At networked sites the prize money is determined by how many players are on the network at any given time. The network makes it possible for each site to offer a larger prize pool since the total number of players in the network is 35 players. This is one of the chief advantages of online bingo networks.

Players access networked games through their home bingo sites and often don’t realize they are playing with players from other bingo sites. The network provides branded versions of the games from a central game provider. Chat hosting and banking are provided from a central location. Networks enable new online bingo sites to set up using the network’s ‘white label’ solutions. UK bingo networks include Cashcade Network, The Better Bingo Network, GlobalCom Network, Playtech Bingoland Network, St Minver, The Gaming Network, Think Bingo Network, Sun/News of the World Network and Virtue Fusion. Simply explained a ‘white label’ solution is a ready to run turnkey operation that enables investors to enter the bingo business immediately. Most functions are provided by the network and some networks even provide marketing and advertising services to operators.

There is a downside to networks. Currently there are almost 400 bingo sites targeting the UK market and of these a vast majority are networked. Since each network share the same online bingo games and promotions the number of networked sites can lead to a lack of choice and variety for players. Some sites are cookie cutter in nature and are only designed to make a quick buck with no regard for originality or innovation. Fortunately industry competition has kept operators on their toes leading to a better overall online bingo experience for players.

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