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Online Bingo Operators Advertising OfflineIn the UK people are bombarded with television ads for online bingo sites and a few popular shows are sponsored by major online bingo operators. In the UK bingo operators spend millions every year on marketing of various sorts creating many jobs in the process. Online advertising is inexpensive and bingo sites have made good use of internet marketing techniques. Some reports say that online bingo operators are increasingly making use of offline advertising to market their products and services. Most bingo sites have huge playerbases but out of all the names stored only a few thousand of these may play with any regularity.

In the current bingo business climate player retention is the key to success. In the past most online bingo operators focused most of their efforts on player acquisition. Keeping players engaged is one of the best ways for an online bingo site to remain profitable. Operators have finally realized that there are a finite number of people interested in pursuing online bingo as a hobby and most operators realize that it is best to target these players than to try to attract a random selection of people who may or may not become regular players. Because of the finite number of online bingo players some gaming experts believe the UK market has reached the saturation point. Currently there are over 400 online bingo sites competing for players.

To engage potential players many bingo operators are turning to offline advertising. At one time many sites relied on email ‘blasts’ to make their products known to players. As spam filters become more sophisticated bingo operators have largely abandoned spam as a method of advertising. Some sites are sending their playerbase snail mail containing special offers and bonuses. One major player, Foxy Bingo, has actually launched a bingo magazine and is sending it out to players. Reports say the magazine combined bingo related stories with a tabloid format. The magazine was so well received that another operator, Paddy Power, duplicated the effort.

Mecca, the UK’s largest bingo hall operator sells its bingo magazine at Mecca bingo halls for £1. All of the magazines carry the latest bonuses and promotions in addition to the bingo related stories. Judging by the large amount of work and effort put into these bingo publications it is clear that no operator is taking players for granted anymore.

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