Online Bingo Provides Hot Summertime Fun

A recent survey in the UK clearly proved what most in the online bingo industry already knew; weather and temperatures have a profound effect on the activity and behavior of online bingo and casino players. For years summer has traditionally been a slow business season for most online bingo operators but this summer may be different. Online bingo can provide players with some hot fun in the summertime!

Usually most online bingo operators pare their advertising budgets in the summer to a minimum. There are fewer ads on television for online bingo sites and bingo operators generally spend less advertising promotions in the summer. This year the Olympic Games open in London on July 27th. Bingo blogs and news sources are already full of news about Olympic themed promotions. UK bingo operators are hoping that interest in the Olympic Games will generate interest in these promotions.

The recent survey showed that when temperatures rise player activity decreases and when it gets colder the activity at online bingo sites increases. The survey covered the month of May. On one day when the temperatures in the UK were a pleasant 70 degrees Fahrenheit there were about 200,000 bingo players online. When the temperature dipped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit there were more than 400,000 players at online bingo sites. Colder temperatures caused player numbers to double.

Extremely hot days can send players indoors seeking relief from the heat. On these days an air conditioned house or apartment sounds very appealing and many players are sure to crank up the air conditioning and play online bingo games for entertainment. It seems that this year many online bingo operators are not following the patterns set in previous summers and are coming up with more promotions, tournaments and progressive jackpot games. In early June there were hundreds of promotions honoring the Queen’s 60th anniversary on the throne and just about every UK bingo provider offered several Diamond Jubilee promotions.

Summer online bingo games can provide players with several advantages. With fewer players competing for prizes in the summer the chances of winning bingo games increases. Simple math dictates that the fewer the number of players the better the odds of winning. To attract new players and retain loyal players many online bingo operators offer increased bonus specials in the summer. Several online bingo sites are now offering daily, weekly and monthly bonuses to loyal players and most are offering very generous welcome bonuses to new players. Online bingo is a great way to pass the time on hot muggy days and can provide hours of cool fun!

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