Online Bingo Security and Safety

The internet can be a dangerous place. Hackers and other cyber criminals are lurking on the internet looking for opportunities to steal personal and financial information. While playing online bingo can provide hours of fun and excitement staying safe online is an important consideration. Fortunately online bingo has been relatively free of criminal activity. The last major online bingo scandal took place last year when an employee of an Israeli company attempted to sell personal player profiles to an online bingo operator. Fortunately the operator went to the police and helped convict the employee who is now serving time in a British prison.

On one occasion cyber criminals infected a bingo site with advertisements for a rogue anti-spyware program. When a player in Washington State named Tim visited an online bingo site he was redirected to a website selling rogue antivirus and spyware programs. Tim had landed on the site of Malware Alarm, a notorious rogue security company. Tim’s computer was hijacked but fortunately a computer savvy friend helped Tim get rid of the program which had made his computer unusable. Players who try to log on at a specific bingo site but are redirected to another unrelated site should exit the internet immediately.

Since players are spending their hard earned money it is important to stay safe while playing online bingo. Players should always look for bingo sites licensed in reputable licensing jurisdictions. Most bingo sites licensed in European Union countries are safe and highly regulated. Checking the reputation of any bingo site is relatively easy. Reviews written by real players are the best source of information. Players should make sure the site has state of the art security to protect personal and financial information. Make sure the site uses an encryption program for all financial transactions.

Identity theft is a growing problem and once an identity is stolen it can take years to repair the damage. Make sure that all information is kept confidential and secure. The online bingo industry is highly competitive and operators have gone to great lengths and invested significant amounts of money to make sure their sites are safe and secure. Players should always use a strong password. Never use birthdays or other commko0n numbers for passwords. These are easy to hack.

Players should use common sense and do their homework before signing up and making a deposit at any online bingo site. By doing a little research players can avoid becoming a victim of cyber criminals.

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