Online Bingo Shifting to Social and Mobile Platforms

During the past decade online bingo has experienced astounding growth. Why knew that a game once played by little old ladies would become an internet sensation? Technological advances have enables online bingo operators to provide players with high quality bingo games with amazing graphics and entertaining animations. Some online bingo sites have added live callers for an extra touch of realism. In the UK online bingo is the most popular online gambling game and per capita the UK is the world’s largest online bingo market in the world. Online bingo has come a long way since the first bingo sites were launched in 1996. Today’s online bingo sites offer players huge jackpots, generous bonuses, progressive jackpot games and regular tournaments. The industry has its own trade association and the industry hosts an annual online bingo summit in London.

Some experts say that big changes are in store for online bingo after years of record profits, consolidations and player saturation. Sreeram Reddy Vanga, Managing Director of Cozy Games, a successful provider of mobile, online and social gaming platforms, expressed his thoughts on the most interesting industry developments during the past year. Vanga stated “Bingo has always been an interesting platform to experiment and learn from. Over the last 12 months, the most exciting development in bingo would be the shift to the mobile and social platforms. He added “the addition of mobile bingo to online and social bingo has been the biggest highlight so far.”

Vanga said there are several challenges for the online bingo industry ahead. Vanga described what he feels is the greatest challenge facing the industry and stated “The biggest challenge so far has been saturation in the bingo industry. Added to that, would be the consolidation of online bingo industry where the large operators benefit from player liquidity and jackpots.” Vanga feels that the shift to social gaming could be a positive development and said that “with the mass shift towards social gaming, the competition to make bingo more exciting and appealing to retain online players is also a challenge.” Vanga was a featured speaker at the 2012 Online Bingo Summit held in London. The gathering attracts experts from every field connected with online bingo and is the biggest event of its kind.

The success of Zynga’s new bingo game on Facebook has many online bingo operators exploring the opportunities offered by social gaming. In addition to social gaming mobile bingo will be another growth area for the online bingo industry. Players can look for many changes this year and the future looks very bright for the industry.

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