Online Bingo Spending Millions on Advertising

Online bingo is one of the most prosperous sectors of the online gaming industry. The bingo industry is now a billion dollar a year business and is spreading its newfound wealth around. Online bingo game providers are spending millions of pounds on new marketing campaigns and media advertising. In its infancy, the online bingo focused its marketing campaigns on internet advertising but now millions are spent on highly original and amusing television ads which don’t come cheap! In 2008 the four major UK bingo brands spent more than £10 million pounds ($15,559,546.43 USD) on advertising. The amount spent by the online bingo sector on advertising now dwarfs that of land based bingo companies.

Since the competition for players has heated up online bingo companies are expected to spend even more money on media ads and marketing campaigns. One industry report released earlier in the year predicts a ‘cut throat’ atmosphere in the online bingo industry. Given the amounts spent on advertising it is obvious that the online bingo industry is doing quite well and is very profitable. Anti online gambling laws in the US may change by the end of the year and the online bingo industry is salivating at the prospect of hundreds of thousands of new online bingo players. Future marketing campaigns will likely be directed at Americans who play online bingo once the laws are changes in the US. There may be a problem in the US with television ads because at present most networks will not permit gambling advertising and ads for online gambling are banned from the airwaves in the US.

Television ads carry a hefty price tag but the online bingo industry happily shells out millions every year for these ads. Some of these ads are extremely clever and have attracted millions of viewers on the video sharing website YouTube. Online bingo and gaming stocks are holding their own in global stock exchanges. In addition to all the ads online bingo sites are offering more generous sign up, deposit and bingo bonuses and are adding more games with sizable jackpots. Bingo sites are investing heavily in new technology and software. The revenue generated by online bingo is expected to double by 2012 and it will be very interesting to follow the performance of the online bingo industry.

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