Online Bingo Still A Growth Industry

Since 2007 the online bingo industry in the UK has become the largest sector of the online gaming industry in the country. The combination of a draconian national smoking ban and advances in software technology and capabilities has allowed the industry to grow and expand during the worst recession since the postwar years. The online bingo industry now boasts increasing player numbers every month. The first online bingo sites appeared in 1996 and today there are over 400 online bingo sites on the internet.

Industry figures for the past decade would indicate that the internet and bingo are prefect for each other. The game is easy to learn and no special skills are required beyond basic computer operation knowledge. The huge variety of online bingo sites means that there are games to suit every type of bingo player and their individual preferences. Today bingo games can be customized in a way that was not possible just a few short years ago. Online bingo games still retain the same basic rules and the rewards for players can be great. Recently in the UK one very lucky player won over a million pounds playing online bingo. The addition of Flash technology has made the game even more convenient for players and allows instant access to the games.Online bingo has also attracted a new generation of young players ensuring the game’s survival well into the future. Online bingo has changed the image of the game and bingo is no longer thought of as a game for pensioners and seniors.

The shift in player demographics has allowed bingo operators to create communities of players. Players’ at most online bingo sites can communicate in chat rooms and forums. Players can share their experiences and offer tips to newbies. Social interaction is very important to most players and several studies and surveys have confirmed that most players value socialization more than financial gain. Some young players that learned the game on the internet are venturing out to live bingo halls which has led to a renaissance of live bingo in the UK. The improvement of online communication technologies has led to the formation of huge bingo communities devoted to the game.

The internet has changed the way people play bingo and has increased the choices for players. Today online bingo sites offer more game varieties, increased jackpots and a huge selection of ongoing bonuses and promotions designed to make the games even more fun.

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