Online Bingo to Enter New Global Markets

In 2007-2008, online bingo experienced amazing growth. There are over 200 online bingo sites serving the UK and many consider the UK online bingo market to be thoroughly saturated. Despite draconian online gaming laws in the US, many US citizens continue to play online bingo. For US players processing online bingo related transactions can be tricky.  The politically motivated Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 threw the online bingo industry into chaos but since then the industry has continued to grow.

A recent report by Screen Digest titled “Bingo in the Digital Age: Global market assessment and forecasts” states that online bingo has developed an international base and is in a position to expand into new markets. Online bingo has already established relatively strong markets in;

Western Europe
North America (including the US)
Central and Eastern Europe
Asia Pacific including Australia, India, China and Japan
South and Central America
Middle East and parts of Africa

Due to the fact that the UK bingo market is heavily saturated many online bingo game providers are looking overseas for new opportunities. Some new markets remain untried and the risks are great but so are the potential rewards. Factors that online bingo providers must consider when looking at new markets include, computer presence, broadband access, infrastructure, language barriers, and mobile access.

Despite the ongoing global recession online bingo continues to thrive, especially in the UK. In the UK online bingo is rapidly expanding and is creating new jobs and pays millions in taxes. In the near future UK based online bingo providers will be faced with making the choice between staying in a saturated market or taking advantage of opportunities offered by new global markets.

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