Online Bingo – To Play or Not to Play?

Online bingo sites have been keeping millions of players happy for years. Online bingo has been an internet phenomenon that has not only attracted millions of players but also generates about two billion dollars a year for the industry. Online bingo sites are popular because there’s plenty to do and players have a huge choice of games. Players at bingo sites come from many countries and the internet version of the game has had a global appeal. Players at online bingo sites play from the comfort and privacy of home and if they are smokers they are not treated as second class citizens and forced to leave the games to indulge in their habit. Life today is fast paced and stressful and the instant availability of online bingo provides players with a quick way to relieve workday stress.

Not only is bingo a lot of fun to play but it has many advantages over other games. Bingo is good mental exercise and helps to maintain hand eye coordination. Both of these benefits have been documented by studies at universities in the US, Canada and the UK. People who play bingo generally do better on tests designed to measure memory, action speed, decision making and logic. Playing bingo improves the brain’s capability to focus and concentrate and memorize. Most of the studies have been done in the UK where bingo has long been popular. In the UK bingo is the most played online game and over 400 websites now serve the UK bingo market.

Playing at bingo sites can also be good for the heart. A recent study found that playing bingo is a significant stress reliever and that those who play bingo react more favorably to stressful situations. The most recent study done in the UK revealed that playing bingo can shorten hospital stays for patients. Not only is bingo good for the brain and body it is also good for the pocketbook. Online bingo is a very inexpensive game and most bingo sites offer players a wide variety of bonuses, bingo  promotions and player incentives. Most bingo sites offer players free bingo games and for those new to online bingo free games are a great way to learn the game.

Online bingo is popular and bingo site owners are constantly adding new games and the latest state of the art technologies to keep their bingo sites up to date and appealing to players. For those who have been hesitant to join the millions of happy and healthy bingo players the time has never been better to take advantage of all of the benefits the game provides.

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