Online Bingo, Valentine’s Day and Romance

The holiday season has come and gone and during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays most online bingo sites roll out their best promotions of the year. There are special holiday themes bingo games, generous bonus offers, bingo tournaments, new holiday slot games and special prizes and jackpots. At most online bingo sites the New Year’s promotions last through the month of January. The next big holiday is Valentine’s Day and bingo operators are getting ready for this yearly day of romance.


For most people Valentine’s Day is about Love, Flowers, Romance, Chocolates, jewelry, special gifts and pampering your significant other. Every year online bingo sites join in the spirit of this romantic holiday. Although many people see no connection between online bingo and romance nothing could be further from the truth. There have been marriage proposals in chat rooms and several there have been several cases of an online bingo flirtation leading to a full blown romance resulting in a wedding.


In 2010 Suzanne Latta, 28, and her groom Matt Brown, 37, won £5000 towards the cost of their wedding after entering a competition sponsored by an online bingo site. The bingo site had offered the cash prize to any couple willing to feature the site’s logo on the bride’s wedding dress. The online bingo operator also wanted the groom to put a small logo on his suit and on the bottom of his shoes so it would be visible as he knelt at the church’s altar. Unfortunately they ran into a vicar who was a bit of a fuddy duddy.


Rev Tony Watts banned the logo from the wedding saying it encouraged gambling. When the contest was announced the Church of England said that couples should think twice about sponsored weddings. A spokesman for the church said “It seems like the latest in a long line of themed weddings. Presumably at the end someone shouts ‘House! But it might not be the best way to start out in what should be a permanent relationship.” The move by the vicar generated a lot of controversy and a majority said they thought the wedding should be allowed to take place.


Other online bingo romances have had happier results. At one popular UK online bingo site players Tracey and Chris met in a chat room. The couple started chatting and eventually exchanged phone numbers. After several conversations the couple decided to meet in person. Both described their meeting as love at first site. They courted for two years and finally Chris proposed and Tracy said yes. The couple has been happily married since 2011.







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