Online Bingo Winner Donates Jackpot to Chernobyl Children’s Charity

On April 26, 1986, at 1:23 a.m an explosion and fire took place in reactor number 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. Before the fire could be brought under control the reactor released 190 tons of highly radioactive material into the atmosphere. The radioactive particles fell on Chernobyl and parts of Belarus and Ukraine. Scientists have estimated that the radioactive material released was equivalent to 20 nuclear bombs. The Chernobyl incident is the largest peacetime nuclear disaster in history.

The explosion had medical consequences and killed 31 plant workers and people who lived close to the power plant. The accident created long term health issues for those in the area of the explosion. Although most people have forgotten about the events of 1986 people in the area are constantly reminded of the effects of radiation. Children in the area have immune disorders and 10 times the normal rate of thyroid cancer. Several charities have been formed to help the children affected by the disaster. Charitable organizations provide free dental care, clothing, gifts and medical treatment. But what does all this have to do with online bingo?

A recent big winner at the popular bingo site jackpotjoy won a bingo jackpot of £1,313. ($2,056.38 USD) Online bingo player Mrs Julie W. won the jackpot playing 90 ball bingo games. The jackpot was a progressive one which means that for every bingo ticket purchased a portion is used for the progressive jackpot. If there is no game winner the jackpot rolls over and increases in size. When Julie W realized she had won a large jackpot she decided to donate it to a charity that helps the children of Chernobyl. Julie has been active in Chernobyl related charities and stated “I am sending the bulk of this to Chernobyl.  I host children every year that stay with me for a month at a time.”

This is not the first time an online bingo player has donated their winnings to charities. In 2009 a bingo winner donated £1,000 ($1,567.84 USD) to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and another £1,000 to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity. There is even a UK based online bingo site totally devoted to charitable contributions and players may select their own favorite charities. Online bingo games for charities are common and have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for various charities. Mrs. Julie W is to be commended for her generosity.

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