Online Casino Advertising Could Create Jobs, Generate Billions

Last year’s Justice Department re-interpretation of the 1961 wire act cleared the way for states to offer intrastate legal online gambling to residents. Legalization will create thousands of much needed jobs in the gaming industry and will also create new opportunities for marketers. In a recent article an article entitled “Jackpot! Online Casinos to Drop Billions on Ads.” The article went on to say that the online gaming industry will spend “somewhere between $3.5 and $4 billion could be spent by the internet gaming sector” on marketing and advertising. This is the same amount that General Motors spent on advertising in 2011.

According to author Alexandra Bruell marketing could be the key to creating a thriving internet gaming market in the United States. Holliday stated that “It is probable that 25% to 30% of company net revenues will be spent on advertising and marketing budgets in the initial years.” Bruell estimated that the online gaming industry in the US could hit the $1 billion mark in 2014 and could generate about $13 billion annually in a decade. Bruell pointed out that although Nevada has passed laws legalizing online gaming the new Nevada regulations only apply to online poker. Bruell said that unnamed industry executives say that most likely ten more states will legalize online gambling in the near future.

There is proposed federal legislation on congress that would legalize tax and regulate online poker. Unfortunately the law only applies to poker and other casino games and online bingo would remain illegal. Online gambling in the US would be limited to poker. Poker is only a small sector of the online gaming industry but is a very attractive one. The battle between state by state advocated and those wanting one set of federal regulations could have an effect on marketing agencies. If state by state legislation prevails marketers will be faced with several different sets of regulations and compliance requirements. Bruell points out that marketing companies would have to purchase licenses in each state they are marketing in.

The legalization of online poker could lead to the eventual legalization of other games such as online bingo and other casino games. If legalization does take place it could make online casino advertising America’s best growth industry.

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