Online Gaming-Predictions for 2013

2012 was a huge year for the online gambling industry. Mobile gambling grew at a rapid pace and is almost as popular as internet gambling. 2012 saw the proliferation of new products, new operators and technologies adopted by the online gaming industry. Online bingo and gaming operators have been quick to adapt to the latest technologies. Social gaming was a hot topic in 2012 and companies like Buffalo Studios and Zynga were printing money! Many gaming experts predict that 2013 will be even better for players and operators. New technologies have emerged that will provide new avenues for online gambling.

In 2012 Apple TV released the third generation of its popular device. Apple TV enables users to access digital content from the iTunes store and many other platforms. Although online gambling has yet to take place on Apple TV gaming experts say that given the popularity of gambling on smartphones and other devices Apple TV may be the next technology adopted by online bingo and gaming operators. Mobile gaming experienced rapid growth in 2012 and operators have kept developers busy creating new applications and platforms.

In early 2012 Microsoft released windows 8, the latest version of the company’s popular windows operating system. Although it remains to be seen how popular the new system will be online gaming operators will probably be busy creating new applications for windows 8. Windows 8 represents Microsoft’s effort to address the popularity of iPads, tablet computers and smartphones. Windows 8 is designed with touch screens in mind and will also work with a mouse and keyboard. Sales of windows 8 PC’s have been slow and several techies describe the operating system as lackluster.

In 2013 Blackberry is expected to release the new Blackberry 10 smartphone. If the new device becomes popular gaming operators will be forced to develop compatible applications for the Blackberry 10. The new phones will make their debut on January 30th. Currently many online bingo sites and casinos offer compatible Blackberry apps. Rumor has it that online retail giant Amazon has plans to launch its own version of the smartphone. The release of an Amazon smartphone could have a big impact on mobile gambling.

In addition to new technologies there are indications that several states in the US plan to offer legal online and mobile gambling to residents. Federal legislation would only legalize poker and most forms of online gambling will remain illegal. Most states have indicated a preference for intrastate gambling without federal interference. If the states are successful it could provide new opportunities for operators.

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