Online Pachislo and Pachinko Games Coming Soon

Most online bingo sites offer s selection of slot games and casino and table games to players. For many bingo games, slots have been a real money maker and generate a significant amount of revenue. Slot games are easy to play and are also quick and many bingo players also spend hours playing slot games. Slot games have a long history from the original slot machines of the 1890’s to the ‘one armed bandits’ of Las Vegas and Reno. Go to almost any modern casino and you will see row upon row of slot machines occupied by players happily shoving dollar bills into the machines trying to get that big payout. Advances in flash technology have allowed game creators to provide bingo sites with some very interesting and entertaining slot games with awesome graphics and sound.

Recently two new slot games were introduced in Japan and quickly became a big hit throughout the country. Pachislo and Pachinko games became an instant fad in Japan. A Pachinko machine resembles a vertical pinball machine but with no flippers like a traditional pinball machine. Originally Pachinko machines were introduced in the 1920’s as a children’s game and technology allowed game developers to create the electronic version so popular today. Pachislo is a skill based slot game that allows players to stop the reels while they are in motion. Pachislo is called a skill stop game in which players set the reels in motion and can then try to stop each reel to try to line up winning reel combinations. In Japan there are thousands of Pachinko and Pachislo parlors and the game has spread to the internet. Recently Microgaming announced the launch of Pachislo and pachinko games.

Microgaming software powers about 100 bingo sites and many of these are expected to offer both pachinko and Pachislo games soon. They have created two Pachislo games, each with 3 reels and 5 lines and one Pachinko game. Microgaming will offer the games as a stand-alone product for licensees or as part of a gaming package. Since Microgaming is one of the leading suppliers of online bingo software many expect the games to be available on some online bingo sites soon. Mike Hebden, head of casino games at Microgaming stated, “Microgaming has always led the way when it comes to launching innovative products and the launch of Pachislo and Pachinko is no exception.” Both games sound like a lot of fun and are sure to be a big hit with western players.

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