Outdoor Bingo For Smokers

It is no secret that the national smoking ban in the UK has hurt the land based bingo business. In 2007 after the ban was implemented most live bingo halls reported a dramatic drop in attendance at bingo games. One bingo provider actually offered bingo cruises where bingo games were held outside of territorial waters so players could smoke. Others even created outdoor drive-in bingo games to beat the smoking bans! A survey taken at the time showed that approximately 63% of all bingo players were smokers. Since then the industry has recovered somewhat but bingo providers are still looking for legal ways to accommodate the needs of smokers.

Mecca Creating an Outdoor Shelter

A Mecca bingo hall outside of Edinburgh plans to create a giant shelter so bingo players can happily puff away while playing. Mecca Bingo in Leith will also offer smokers hand held devices so they can continue to play bingo games even when they are not inside of the hall. As has been mentioned bingo clubs were hit hard by the smoking ban and Mecca bingo is fighting back. Not everyone is pleased with the plan and some anti smoking groups say that the outdoor smoking shelter encourages players to “gamble with their life.”

Mecca plans to spend £60,000 pounds ($97,791.50 USD) on the shelter in addition to a £2.5 million ($4,073,815.08 USD) rehab of the popular bingo club. Mecca owner Rank Group has been investing heavily in the refurbishment of several bingo clubs and casinos throughout the UK. Last November and this week the city’s licensing board said that Mecca could expand the area where gambling can take place to include the new smoking shelter. The shelter will be surrounded by a 7 foot high fence.

Opposite of the Intended Effect

There was some opposition to the new addition on the city’s licensing board. Labour member Eric Barry stated “This actually goes against public health by allowing people to spend longer in a smoking area while playing this game. I cannot agree that we should allow something that is purely exploiting a loophole from something we have previously discouraged.”

Online bingo players do not have to worry about smoking laws and regulations. Online bingo players can happily puff away in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. There are no transportation costs, no admission fees and no expensive drinks or snacks to buy. Even better online bingo players can take advantage of generous sign up bonuses and can play cash bingo online with a click of a mouse.

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