Philippines Could Be Next Big Online Bingo Market

Online bingo operators are always looking for new markets to penetrate. A recent news article pointed out the potential of the Southeast Asian gaming market which is already worth billions annually. Macau and Singapore are Asian gambling Mecca’s and the Chinese gaming market is set to explode in the near future. For online bingo operators looking for new Asian markets the Philippines already has an established bingo market.

Bingo is a popular game in the Philippines but the game is played differently than in European countries. Instead of using bingo balls to select numbers the Philippine version of the game uses small chips which are drawn from bottle shaped baskets. Card patterns are determined before the game starts and winners receive prizes when the fill in the special pattern. Another game twist in the Philippines is the way the numbers are called. Instead of calling the numbers directly callers will often use humorous words or phrases that are associated with particular numbers. This is very similar to the ‘bingo lingo’ used by British game callers. Bingo is played in modern bingo halls and the use of electric boards showing the winning pattern and the numbers that have been called is very common.

There are over 200 bingo halls located throughout the country operated by the country’s gaming monopoly the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. (PAGCOR) PAGCOR operates a special online bingo site that operates a bingo game that is played on mobile phones. Although the government monopoly provides online players with several gambling games they do not currently provide modern style online bingo games.

Online bingo players in the Philippines must visit offshore bingo sites. A large number of people in the Philippines speak Spanish so many visit Spanish language bingo sites. At present there are no online bingo sites providing games in Tagalog, the main language in the Philippines. In addition to Tagalog, Spanish and English a number of regional and local dialects are used. Currently there are no statistics about how many online bingo players there are in the Philippines. The popularity of bingo couples with increased broadband access throughout the country makes the Philippines very attractive for internet bingo operators searching for new markets. There are millions of potential online bingo players in the Philippines.  Online casinos have a very bright future in Asia and the Philippines could be a very lucrative market for online bingo sites.

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