Play Bingo For Your Health !

Several previous studies in the UK have clearly showed the many health benefits enjoyed by bingo players. One study showed that bingo can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies have shown that bingo helps older people to maintain good hand and eye coordination. One 2009 study that was published in the prestigious Archives of Internal Medicine journal showed that engaging in regular  pursuits like Bingo reduced the risk of developing a disability by 65% and reduced the chance of premature death by 40%! The study was conducted at the Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago and received worldwide news coverage.

Bingo in Hospitals

One British hospital is taking advantage of bingo’s health benefits. Walsall’s Manor Hospital is using bingo sessions and tea parties to boost the spirits of patients suffering from life threatening strokes. The games are part of a wide initiative called “Kissing It Better” that is designed to aid in the recovery of those suffering from strokes. In addition to bingo games an animal charity has brought in dogs to cheep patients. The hospital also uses activities such as poetry, music sessions, teatime treats and beauty treatments as part of patient care. Other hospitals have experimented with similar activities in the past but this is the first extended program of its kind in the UK. About the program’s effectiveness Lead nurse Sonia Jenkinson had this to say “Kissing it better’ doesn’t tackle clinical or medical issues but is about the little things that can make a world of difference to someone when they are in hospital. Some of the patients are quite poorly, and have dementia, but the reaction from them during the sessions has been amazing.”

Health Effects of Bingo Study

Another study done by the University of Southampton’s Psychology Department suggests that playing bingo results in good overall health, boosts mental activity and keeps the mind astute and sharp. Although most of the studies and experiments involved live bingo it is clear that online bingo could easily provide players with the same benefits. The same hand eye coordination is necessary and intense concentration is also required. Chat rooms allow players to socialize and make new friends and medical experts say that an active social life promoted longevity. In addition to the health benefits provided by bingo there are also financial benefits for online bingo players. Just about every bingo site offers a deposit bonus in addition to cash bingo online. Players can improve their health while playing cash bingo online-what a deal!

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