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Bingo has had a long term relationship with churches and charitable organizations. The relationship dates all the way back to 1929 when Pastor Charles H. Hagus needed to raise money to rebuild a dilapidated old building the church wanted to use for church school services. Pastor Hagus was head of The Annunciation, a small Catholic church in Denver. After years of funding troubles Pastor Hagus approached Bingo game inventor Edwin S. Lowe and asked to use the game for fundraising purposes. The move was a big hit with parishioners and Hagus managed to raise the necessary funds and then some. The long term relationship between bingo and the Catholic Church was born.

Bingo and Catholicism: A History

In 1050 the bingo games were a regular event and religious organizations across the country started to hold regular bingo games. Veterans groups and other charities saw the effectiveness of bingo games and launched their own games. Today there are charitable bingo games in just about every town and city in the US and the UK. Charity bingo is just like any other game of bingo with one exception. Instead of all of the money generated by card purchases going towards the prize pool about 50% of the funds collected are earmarked for charity. Several celebrities participate in bingo for charity. British pop star Robbie Williams has been known to play at the famous Legendary Bingo games in Los Angeles. Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines has appeared at Legendary bingo games along with Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling, Daryl Hannah and Courteney Cox.

Charity Bingo

Charity bingo is not limited to brick and mortar bingo halls. Online bingo sites have raised millions for various charities. US President Obama’s stepmother Kezia Obama, who lives in the UK, held a series of online bingo games for the Sue Ryder charity two years ago. The games raised several thousand pounds for the charity. One major UK bingo sites hosts weekly charity bingo games named for Katie Price. The games are titled “Katie’s Charity Room” and take place weekly. There is one online bingo site totally devoted to charity bingo. Big Heart Bingo is a UK based website that donates the proceeds of online bingo games to several UK based charities. In the UK most major online bingo brands have hosted charity events and have raised significant amounts of money for various charities and good causes. It would appear the relationship between bingo and charities will continue well into the future.

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