Player Data Stolen

Is Internet Bingo Safe?

Generally online bingo is safe to play and bingo operators go to great lengths to protect the personal information of players. Most online bingo sites use state of the art encryption to keep all transactions safe and secure. Occasionally a security breach does happen but it is usually caused by an unethical employee or a hacker. In late July a major online gaming operator had to tell players that its database containing personal information such as usernames and passwords had been stolen in 2009. The company told players that if they used the same passwords and usernames at other sites they should change them immediately.

Delayed Reaction

Some gaming experts say that the gaming company should have warned players as soon as the security breach occurred. According to some bingo news sources and Foxy bingo have both had player information stolen. Player details were being openly sold and one operator has refused to inform the public to ‘protect their brand.’ In late July, 2011 informed players of a breach that took place way back in 2009. The company said that although the security breach took place a long time ago they took measures at the time by resetting passwords on player accounts. The security breach has caused problems for other gaming operators. Many online bingo players use the same usernames and passwords at multiple sites and it is unlikely that the other sites will reset passwords leaving the information exposed.

Database Break-In CEO Thomas Petersen issued a statement that said “We have been informed by police authorities that they have arrested third party individuals who were in possession of unauthorized copies of personal customer information relating to various companies including Bet24. The Bet24 customer information was stolen from Bet24 by means of illegal electronic access to our database, which is believed to have taken place in December 2009. We have no information to indicate any unauthorised access to our database or breach of our security systems since December 2009, and we have no reason to believe that accounts registered after 31 October 2009 are affected in any way.” The stolen player information included customer names, addresses, email addresses, account passwords and encrypted credit card numbers.

Playing It Safe

Players affected by the security breach are being advised to monitor their bank accounts and online gaming accounts for suspicious activity. Players should also change all usernames and passwords at any gaming sites they use. Currently the company is working closely with authorities and Bet24 assures players that encrypted data is not at risk.

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