Players Can Expect More Free Bingo in 2011!

The fight between bingo sites for new players is getting fierce at UK bingo sites. Even the television advertising campaign in heating up. Jackpotjoy announced they are going to sponsor Red Nose Day and also said they will be sponsoring Channel 4’s very popular daytime game show, Deal or no Deal. Competitor Foxy Bingo announced they will air a series of television ads featuring various well known celebrities to promote their brand.

Free no deposit bingo bonus has also returned with a vengeance. Many online  bingo sites are offering players more free money and larger deposit bonuses. For people tired of being bombarded with bingo ads on television there is some good news. As spring approached most in the industry expect a decline in television advertising by bingo sites and by summer the ads will be minimal. Summer is traditionally the slowest time for most UK bingo sites as players forgo an online bingo game in favor of outdoor activities. When autumn returns so will the bingo television ads. Most UK bingo sites know that summer ads will be ineffective and are saving their resources for next fall and winter.

Winter is traditionally the best time for bingo sites. Most players want to stay in the warm comfort of their own homes and flats and play more games during cold winter weather. Last winter a series of severe storms kept players indoors and most bingo sites reported increased profits because of the number of players entertaining themselves with a good game of bingo while the storms raged outside. In face several bingo sites reported record fourth quarter profits because of the surge in players during the series of severe winter storms.

Most bingo sites like BingoBoat have put those record profits to good use. Many are offering new bingo and side games. Some have used the record profits to provide players with bigger jackpots and prizes. The recent surge in free bingo games is directly related to increased profits. Bingo sites know they must offer players more to stay competitive in a cut throat industry. Some bingo sites have started to offer free cash to players on a daily basis. There are several sites that specialize in listing all of the current bingo promotions available to UK players. American players need not feel left out. Many of the larger online bingo operators accept American players. These sites usually have that information prominently displayed on the home page. As the year goes on expect bigger and better things from bingo sites.

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