Playing at Multiple Bingo Sites vs. Single Sites-Advantages and Disadvantages

There are hundreds of bingo sites online and millions of people play bingo online on the internet weekly. In the UK there are over 3 million regular online players making the UK the world’s largest online bingo market. Globally there are over 100 million bingo players and a sizable portion of these players play bingo games online. There are generally two types of online bingo players; those that play at a single bingo site and those that play at multiple bingo sites. In the not so distant past it was common for bingo sites to offer free no deposit bingo games which led to the practice of ‘bonus jumping.’ Bonus jumping is when a player signs up at a bingo site, plays the bonus, and moves on to the next bonus offer. Bingo operators became aware of this practice and most have withdrawn their free no deposit games in favor of other player incentives such as larger deposit bonuses.

Many new players may wonder whether it is better to play at a single bingo site or multiple sites. There are advantages to both strategies and both strategies enable players to get their hands on some really great deals and plenty of online bingo freebies. For those players who like to play at several bingo sites the main advantage is variety. Some players are easily bored and when they tire of games at one site they can simply go to a different bingo site. Players at multiple bingo sites can also take advantage of several bonuses and promotions. Today most bingo sites require a small deposit in order to access games but thanks to industry competition deposit offers have never been better.  There are generally two types of deposit bonuses; fixed amount bonuses and bonuses based on a percentage of an initial deposit. It is commo0n for bingo sites to offer bonuses in the 300% to 500% range on first deposits. Players that like variety can take advantage of several generous bonus offers.

There are also advantages for players that prefer to play at a single bingo site. Recently many bingo sites have revamped their loyalty programs and loyal players can find some really great deals. Long term players may be eligible for various ‘VIP’ programs. Many loyalty and VIP programs offer players cash back, free bonuses, exclusive high stakes games, gifts, loyalty points and other incentives. It is clear that there are advantages to both options and the choice is simply a matter of personal preference.

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