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n-bingo_mid_01BingoHouse is an established online bingo website that has been providing players with a wide variety of internet bingo games for many years. BingoHouse features games with different themes, original graphics, large jackpots, in a reputable, trustworthy environment. In fact, BingoHouse is one of the oldest online bingo sites on the web. Players all over the world have chosen to play at BingoHouse for a wide variety of reasons.

Traditional land based bingo halls are limited in varied ways. The jackpots offered are usually much smaller than those offered by online bingo sites. Land based bingo halls have a lot of overhead expenses and cannot begin to compete with online games. Online Bingo sites do not have to pay rent, utilities, state and local licensing fees, and can therefore offer larger cash prizes and branded merchandise. BingoHouse also has a “Bonus Bucks” program where each time a player wins bonus bucks are awarded to that players account and may be used for the purchase of cards for any of the wide variety of games on BingoHouse.

BingoHouse has many games with different themes that can be played twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. There are always several monthly promotions with various themes including seasonal and holiday based games. BingoHouse also maintains several ongoing games with very large jackpots.

The games are divided into six separate categories or sections. The first set of games is titled Bingo Central. Bingo Central has a total of six individual games with varied themes. They are, Mellow Yellow, with a screen featuring daisies, Gems, with a jewel theme, Bingo Café, Super Mellow Yellow, Good Luck and Halloween. Games in the Bingo Central section change, with seasonal and holiday based themes being introduced regularly. Each game has its own chat room and some pretty cool graphics. Game times are clearly announced and cards can be purchased with a click of the mouse.

For those who like their bingo on the naughty side there is the Desperate Lounge. The games have lively themes and the chat room can get almost X rated at times. The game theme is loosely based on the television series “Desperate Housewives”. The “Desperate Lounge” provides an outlet for those who like their bingo spicy.

The S.S. Lomax is for those who want their online bingo dollar to go further. The games feature 10 cent cards and players can buy up to 25 cards at a time. The games run 24/7 and have the same cash prizes as the other games. The S.S. Lomax is perfect for those players who want to spend more time playing for less money.

Blackout Bingo is for those who enjoy playing for long periods of time. Blackout bingo simply means that all the squares on the bingo card must be filled to win. Blackout Bingo features two themes, Las Vegas and NASCAR. These games usually last for a longer period of time that the other games. Blackout Bingo has special games nightly at 9:30 (EST) that feature jackpots ranging from $150 to $1,000. Since these games last longer than average many players will play side games along with their bingo.

Fair N’ Square Bingo means just what it says. Every player has the same number of cards and the odds are the same for each player. Cards are inexpensive and the games are longer than average. For those online bingo players who like a game where everyone has an equal chance Fair N’

Square is the game for you.

High Roller Bingo is for those competitive bingo players who like excitement. The jackpots are larger than usual and the cards are priced the same as other games. The games take place at specified times and these are posted for each game in the High Roller Bingo section on BingoHouse.

For those who are not familiar with playing online BingoHouse has a free bingo game so new players can get the feel of what it is like to play online. Games take place 24/7 with the chat room open from 11AM to 11PM. For many new players have never been in a chat room before and the free bingo option gives them the chance to learn the “lingo” and get familiar with all the features that online bingo offers.

BingoHouse has a wide variety of side games. For those who like poker there are three versions available, All American, Jacks or Better, and Deuces wild. Players can bet from 5 cents to a dollar a hand. The games have cool graphics much like video poker machines found in many casinos. Other side games are Flag Fortune, Galactic Gambit, and Lucky Charms, each with its own graphics. These are much like the slots players find in places like Atlantic City, or Las Vegas. Many players like to play slots and Bingo at the same time.

BingoHouse has games that can fit any taste or budget. You don’t have to be a computer genius to play and bingo is a well established American tradition. Studies show that 70% of bingo players who play at brick and mortar bingo halls also play online. With land based bingo halls closing in record numbers due to smoking bans and financial distress online bingo is the wave of the future.

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