Playing Online Bingo Safely

Playing Online Bingo Safely Many people are afraid to try online bingo because they have heard stories of players that have picked up viruses and other malware. One case in Washington State in the US illustrates just how nasty these scammers can be. In this case a handicapped person was playing at an online bingo site when an advertisement appeared on his screen warning him his computer was infected with ‘spyware’ and viruses. Unfortunately he interacted with the popup ad and within hours his computer was totally unusable. Fortunately incidents like this are extremely rare in the online bingo sector. In most cases they are the work of hackers and the operator is usually not aware their site has been hacked. Once found out operators take swift action to remove any malware.

Most operators have invested heavily in state of the art security software and some online bingo networks and large operators have security specialists on call 24/7 to prevent any threats. In some cases Trojans are disguised as desirable or useful programs. Some will pose as active x video updates and others will be disguised as anti-virus programs. Some Trojans, like the notorious Zeus and Zlob Trojans, are designed to run in the background and collect any banking information including account numbers and passwords. Some will create a ‘backdoor’ on the victim’s machine so other malware can be placed on the victim’s computer.

For online bingo players avoiding malware infections is an easy matter. Players should make sure they are playing at a reputable bingo site that is licensed in a jurisdiction with strict laws and regulations. Most licensing jurisdictions require game software to be tested regularly. For most players online bingo sites licensed in the European Union are the best bet and the safest. Although online bingo is a legal grey area in the US American players can be confident that European sites are safe.

People who have fallen prey to malware distributors and scammers are often afraid to sign up at online bingo sites because of their experience. This is a shame because these people are depriving themselves of a lot of fun and entertainment. By doing a little research before signing up and playing at an online bingo site players should do a little checking first. It has been years since any online bingo player was victimized by malware and recent reports by security companies say that scammers and malware distributors are focusing their efforts on mobile devices.

Online bingo sites protect players in several ways. State of the art security software is used for all transaction and is hacker proof since the algorithms are changed several times daily. Today online bingo is one of the safest games to play online and players can be confident that online bingo operators are making the games as secure and entertaining as possible.

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