Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games

Many online bingo sites offer progressive jackpot games. The jackpots for these games can get huge and in some cases have reached hundreds of thousands of dollars. A progressive jackpot is where the jackpot increases with every game played and keeps on growing until there is a winner. Progressive jackpots are common at online and land based slot parlors and the bingo industry adopted them as a marketing strategy. At networked bingo sites several websites in the network are linked to the same game and several sites are contributing to the progressive jackpot. Many progressive jackpot bingo games require players to call bingo within a specified number of calls. Usually bingo cards for progressive jackpot games are a little more expensive than cards for regular games.

Before joining any progressive jackpot bingo game players should be familiar with the rules and terms and conditions for the game. Policies can vary from site to site so it is always a good idea to do a little research. Players should never participate in a progressive jackpot bingo game unless they are familiar with all the rules and criteria for winning. Volatility is a term often used in the gaming world and online bingo is no exception. If a progressive jackpot is rarely won the jackpot is said to have a high volatility. Games with smaller jackpots that are won frequently have a low volatility. Players, especially those on a tight budget, should always consider the volatility of any jackpot. Oftentimes it is better to settle for a series of smaller wins that pouring money into jackpots that are difficult to win.

It is not easy to win most progressive bingo jackpots and players should always stick to their budgets. Many bingo sites award frequent players loyalty points that can be exchanged for bingo cards. Sometimes these points can be used to purchase higher priced cards for progressive jackpot games enabling players to stay within their bingo budgets. Although progressive jackpot bingo games may be tempting players should never wager more than they can afford to lose and should never play on credit. Generally progressive jackpot online bingo games take place on weekends and holidays and the games are often crowded making a big win less likely. Progressive jackpot games can provide players with plenty of excitement and many players have won life changing amounts of money.

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