Protection From Data and Identity Thieves

Earlier this year a rogue employee at an online gaming company stole the details of 65,000 online bingo players located in the UK. The theft sent shockwaves through the online bingo industry. Operators learned just how easily player details and data can be purloined by cyber criminals. Fortunately the problem was nipped in the bud before any real damage was done. The data thief approached gaming giant Cashcade offering to sell the data. Cashcade immediately hired a private security firm and the investigation led to the arrest of Marc Ben Ezra for violations of the data protection act in the UK.

Things could have been much worse for the players that had their personal details stolen. Since many people use the same usernames and passwords for all their online activities identity thieves could take what seems to be an innocuous piece of information and use it to steal a player’s identity. Identity theft occurs when a cyber criminal obtains personally identifying information such as a name, social security number or credit card number. The damage can take years to repair and in some cases is never repaired. Many people have had to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours repairing the damage done to their good names and credit ratings.

Fortunately there are several things players can do to protect themselves from data and identity theft. As has been mentioned many people use the same name and password for all online activities. This makes it very easy for data and identity thieves. In many cases an identity thief can take a small bit of what seems to be harmless information and use it to access credit card and bank accounts. Players should always use unique usernames and passwords for all online activities. Each online account should have a unique username and password. The extra effort required to create unique names and passwords will be worth it in the long run. Usernames and passwords should be stored offline.

Many people use the same email address for all activities including financial transactions. Once again, this makes it extremely for data and identity thieves. Players should always use a unique email address for all online gambling activities. In most cases email accounts are free and can be created in a matter of minutes.

Players should use a reputable online payment processor such as Neteller or PayPal for online transactions. This puts another layer of security between the player and would be cyber thieves. In the long run the extra effort will be worth it and will ensure that personal data stays personal.

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