Raid On Senior Bingo Game Roundly Criticized

Raid On Senior Bingo Game Roundly CriticizedA recent news report about a New York bureaucrat shutting down a senior citizen’s penny bingo games may seem like a total waste of taxpayer resources to most sane citizens. Unfortunately this is not the first time that state officials and bureaucrats have spent thousands of taxpayer dollars investigating senior citizen bingo games. In 1993 a raid on a senior citizen bingo game raised the ire of the editor of the local paper in Hartford Connecticut. In Milford federal, state and local law enforcement combined forces to raid a ‘dangerous’ bingo game at the Island View apartments. The gang of bingo players, who the editor dubbed ‘Los Bingos,’ were caught red handed in the treasonous activity of holding a nickel bingo game without a license.

But why the action against a group that are enjoying their hard earned leisure of their retirement years? Bingo desperado Joseph Loturco, 72, told reporters “We never gave a thought to whether it was right or wrong. We were just looking to have a little fun. It’s only a nickel a card, it probably didn’t raise $5 a game, and that money went to the Social Club.” Loturco said someone complained and most retirement communities have a selection of bluenoses and busybodies. Since the 120-unit Island View is federally funded the whiny complainer called the Housing and Urban Development office in Hartford.

Someone at HUD called Connecticut gambling regulators. The gaming regulators called the Milford police and on Halloween Night the police raided the senior’s bingo game. While the law and order crowd would be proud people with common sense were puzzled why the raid even took place. Loturco recalled the raid and said “It wasn’t like a raid; they didn’t arrest anyone or anything. But several officers showed up and put up a sign saying, `No bingo, per order of the police.’ We have a bunch of ladies in their 90s. Some were afraid they’d get in trouble and be evicted. You couldn’t imagine what a fear that is.”

Loturco, like most of the residents is curious about just who complained. Loturco stated “I guess we didn’t do it right, even though it’s all just outrageous. This is ridiculous. This is our home. But what I’d like to know is, who complained? You can’t blame HUD or the gambling commission or the police.” Gambling officials are unmoved and one stated “Bingo is considered a form of gambling. While many may view it as recreation, the state is responsible for the integrity of legal gambling.” As the editor points out; if the integrity of legal gambling is somehow threatened by a group of seniors playing nickel bingo legal gambling in the state must be in real trouble.

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