Rank Dumps ‘Full House’ Program

Full-HouseFour years ago Rank Group, which operates Mecca bingo halls throughout the UK, launched the ‘full house’ program designed to attract younger players to the company’s bingo halls. Recently Mecca bingo abandoned the program and said the results had been ‘disappointing.’ The ‘full house’ program was an attempt to attract young and affluent players. The program was started after Mecca took a severe hit after the imposition of the national smoking ban. The ban put several bingo halls out of business and hundreds of jobs were lost. Bingo operators tried outdoor smoking areas but these were impractical in winter. One enterprising operator offered bingo cruises where players could smoke. Unfortunately the cruises were unsuccessful.

The full house program failed to stop the decline in player numbers at Mecca bingo halls. Mecca revenues fell by 3% year on year. Rank said the investments had not paid off. Rank spent £700,000 each to revame Mecca bingo halls in Hartlepool and Knotty Ash, Liverpool. Rank said the remodeled bingo halls outperformed unchanged halls.  In a statement Rank said “However, the Full House Destination estate performance as a whole has been disappointing and the capital invested has not improved the public’s perception of bingo sufficiently to address the general decline in admissions. Due to the inadequate return on investment from these conversions the group will not be committing to any further at this present time. The group does though remain committed to finding new ways to develop the venues experience across the entire estate.”

Since the program was launched in 20-09 Rank has opened nine ‘full house’ bingo venues. The company owns a total of 97 bingo halls in the UK. Rank, which also operates the Grosvenor casino chain, reported that adjusted pretax profits fell 1% to £65.1 million. Rank had warned investors that the heat wave last summer had reduced spending at Mecca bingo halls. Rank said revenues have been down since the end of June. Mecca changed bingo session times to be more flexible. The game schedules had not been changed since the 1960’s. Rank also installed WiFi in 50- gaming venues. Rank’s Chief executive Ian Burke said “Despite the tough economic environment and the competitive market in which we operate the group has delivered a solid set of results. The recent hot weather has adversely impacted trading in the first weeks of the new financial year. However we remain confident in the group’s long-term prospects.” Rank still maintains a presence in the online bingo industry. Unfortunately Rank released no figures for its online bingo operations.

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