Rebel Bingo-A Primer

A few years ago a shadowy form of bingo emerged. The games were held in secret at undisclosed locations and at the time rumor had it that the games could get pretty rowdy. The first Rebel Bingo games were held in the UK and the game has crossed the Atlantic and is now firmly entrenched on the east and west coast cities in the United States. Rebel bingo was the brainchild of two friends and in a recent interview Freddie Fortune, also known as Freddie Sorensen told interviewers about the game’s beginnings.

According to Sorensen both creators were fairly intoxicated when they invented the game. When asked just how intoxicated the duo were when they invented the game Sorensen stated “Quite drunk but not hammer drunk. There’s an optimal level of drunk to be at when you play Rebel Bingo – like just drunk enough to open your mind and lower your inhibitions, but not so drunk that you don’t know who you are anymore and you’re just annoying. It’s a game of skill. You need to be on the ball.” The rules for Rebel Bingo are pretty straightforward and are listed on the official Rebel Bingo website. The rules include;

No old people.
No boring people.
No office parties.
No hen parties.
No stag parties.
No work suits.
No cameras or photography. (It appears that occasionally this rule is waived.)
No customer service.

In the United States and Canada the game is played in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego, Miami, Washington D.C. and Toronto. Believe it or not there are also games in Beijing and Madrid. In the UK Rebel Bingo is played in 12 cities. As can be seen Rebel Bingo has global appeal and is spreading to new cities and countries. Those interested in attending games can go to the official Rebel Bingo website and sign up for email alerts. Rebel bingo games are not announced in advance and are spontaneous events. Players can RSVP by clicking on their city and signing up for the alerts which will tell where tickets may be purchased.

Obviously Rebel Bingo games do not attract the usual bingo players found in bingo halls and church basements. Those wondering what sort of prizes can be won will have to attend a game to find out. According to the official Rebel Bingo website; “Players at The Underground Rebel Bingo Club win big, hardcore prizes. That is all.”

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