Rebel Bingo Packing Them In !

It had to happen sooner or later. For decades bingo had been the domain of senior citizens and pensioners. Then one night two British reality show producers Freddie “Fortune” Sorensen and James “Flames” Gordon got drunk and Rebel bingo was born. In their own words the creators tell the story; “One night we found a bingo kit down there and started messing around with it. Things got out of control, and it ended up as a mental bingo party. We had invented a new form of bingo – Rebel Bingo. We were drunk. We knew it was wrong, but it felt good.” Since then Rebel Bingo has crossed the Atlantic and is now a big hit in the United States.

The first Rebel bingo events were held in London and featured dance music, costumed hosts, sexy girls — and bingo. The games were secretive because running a bingo game could be considered gambling. Why did the creators choose bingo? Some observers say that it’s because a childhood game is conducive to drinking, dancing and even nudity. Underground Rebel Bingo games are a cult hit around the world. Games have taken place in 25 cities including London, Madrid, Toronto and New York. In Los Angeles Rebel Bingo nights quickly achieved popularity. The LA games are hosted by Sorensen, who prefers to go by Fortune.

Sorensen calls the games immersive theater and stated “It starts from the moment you buy your ticket,” he says. The secret location is revealed only days before the event, and it is billed as something not bingo, such as a school of etiquette or a health and safety seminar. We greet you at the door and warn you not to mention bingo in case we get found out, but once inside and the coast is clear, so to speak, the night explodes,” says Fortune. “The idea that this is naughty and rebellious is all a bit of fun, but if you are not in on the joke, then this is probably not the night for you.”  Rebel bingo games make some concessions to traditional bingo. Rebel bingo games use numbered cards and a traditional bingo cage rolling the numbers.

Prizes are not awarded in the traditional manner. Fortune explains “This is a totally unfair version of bingo. You can win stuff, but it’s totally arbitrary who wins. It not based on the numbers but on how enthusiastic you can be.” Although at present the game does not lend itself to online bingo it is only a matter of time before some techie figures out a way to bring these outrageous games online.

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