Rock and Roll Bingo Spreads Like Wildfire!

Rock and roll bingo is the newest fad to hit the world of land based bingo. In the UK rock and roll bingo is played in pubs, clubs and bingo halls. There are many variations on the decades old game of bingo. Bingo is used to teach various subjects and bingo can be adapted to almost any theme. It was probably inevitable that some clever person came up with this new bingo game. The new bingo game was invented by mark Walsh of Leeds in the UK. In 2009n Walsh started the game at his local pub and since then it has spread like wildfire throughout the UK. Bingo giant Mecca plans to offer rock and roll bingo at its Nottingham bingo hall and if the game is successful will offer rock and roll bingo at all of its bingo halls.

The game has become so popular that it has its own website aptly titled On the home page of the site, there is a very entertaining video of a rock and roll bingo game. The concept of the game is simple; players are given bingo cards with song titles and the name of the artist. The traditional bingo caller is replaced by sound clips and when a player hears a song listed on his or her card they mark the space with a bingo dauber. The first player to mark all the spaces calls ‘full house’ and wins a prize. In the UK rock and roll bingo is played at about 350 various venues throughout the country. Walsh has been stunned by the instant popularity of rock and roll bingo. In an interview with the Yorkshire Post Walsh stated, “We thought we had something and we thought it would take off but now we’re just over the moon. We just started playing it in a few places and it just went through the roof.”

Rock and roll bingo is expected to cross the Atlantic soon and will probably spark interest in the United States. It is probably only a matter of time before the game goes on online bingo sites and a clever software developer could probably make a nice chunk of change providing an internet bingo version of rock and roll bingo. Soon players of the online bingo game will be rocking out to rock and roll bingo!

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