Several New Bingo Sites Launched in February

February has come and gone and most bingo players are thinking about spring after a long cold winter. In November and December of 2010 UK and European bingo players were kept homebound by a series of severe winter storms that made roads impassable and travel all but impossible. To keep warm millions of players logged on at their favorite online bingo sites and spent hours playing online bingo. February was a busy month for online bingo and several new bingo sites were launched. Winter is usually the busiest time for most bingo sites and as the weather gets warmer bingo players abandon their usual bingo games in favor of outdoor activities.

Some of the new bingo sites had a familiar look and are part of a bingo network and others are stand alone bingo sites. Networked bingo sites are usually a turnkey operation and all of the work has already been done by the network provider. Stand alone bingo sites must employ game developers and software specialists and are typically more expensive to launch. All of the new bingo sites have one thing in common; they are all offering spectacular bonuses and incentives to new players. Industry competition is fierce and many new bingo sites are competing against well established industry giants with plenty of capital to spare. Deposit bonuses at the new sites range from 100% to 300% on all initial deposits. In addition many new sites are providing players with re deposit bingo bonuses.

It is a well established fact that bingo sites have a very high player retention rate. New bingo sites must offer players something different if they are to compete against the big boys in the industry. Progressive jackpot games and side games like slots are a big attraction some players. Some of the new bingo sites have added slot games with sizable progressive jackpots. Site reviews for the new players have been mixed. Some have been given high ratings by players while others have not garnered favorable reviews.

One of the new bingo sites has added webcams to the mix and many in the industry are watching developments closely. Web Cams provide players with face to face communication and many sites are already using webcams for live bingo callers. In the very near future several new bingo sites will be launched and several site launched are planned for March. Rumor has it that there is a possibility that the US may repeal its online gambling laws. If that happens things could get really interesting!

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