Side Games Generate Significant Revenues at Bingo Sites

Most bingo sites offer a wide variety of games in addition to the usual selection of bingo games. In casinos games such as Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack have attracted high rollers for decades. The video version of these games is available at most bingo sites but the payout is relatively low compared to the live version of these games. In addition table games like poker and blackjack have failed to evolve and aside from a few poker variants table games are limited when it comes to internet technology. On the internet most table games seem stuck on green felt while slot games are constantly evolving with current technologies.

Slot games are another matter. Slot games allow game developers to use all the creative devices at their command. Slot games have embraced internet technology and software advances have allowed game developers to create new multi reel slot games with amazing graphics and highly original themes. Recent game themes include Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, various movie themes and new variations of classic slot games. One progressive jackpot slot game, Mega Moolah, has produced several slot millionaires and is responsible for the largest online payout ever. Many gaming experts believe that in the near future online slots will dominate the slot game industry.

In addition the days of low payout slot games are gone. Many online bingo sites now offer slot games with high payouts for relatively low wagers. Progressive jackpot slots allow bingo sites to offer players side games with substantial payouts. Many players at bingo sites play side games while waiting for the next bingo game to start. Many bingo sites report that as much as 40% of their income is derived from slot games and other side games. Bingo sites are paying more attention to the selection and quality of their side games because of the huge amounts of money they generate. Slot machines are jam packed at most casinos and it is no different online.

Game developers have also been hard at work creating new bingo games with highly unique and original graphics. Although most of the no deposit bingo offers have been withdrawn the industry is working hard to provide players with more value for their money. Higher deposit bonuses have become the norm and most bingo sites have implemented new player incentives and perks. The bingo industry has gotten highly competitive and players have never had it better!

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